Giant Bromeliad

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Like jewelry for your garden, a bromeliad can be small or large, subtle or spectacular, and it's a breeze to grow. These plants come in a rainbow of exquisite color choices - ranging from bright pink centers to all red leaves to zebra-striped foliage. Welcome to low maintenance gardening at its finest. This plant needs little more than the right location and a bit of water now and then. These plants form a circular center usually called a cup. This cup collects rainwater and organic debris that nourish the plant.

From out of the cup emerges either a medium to tall showy flower - or there will be tiny flowers down in the center of the cup, as pictured above. The taller flowers can last a long time - even many months - before fading.  Large ones can be used as accents but small ones are low growing plants that may be overtaken by nearby greenery. These may do better in a bed specifically for this type of plant.

One of the benefits of a dedicated bed is that you can move the plants around at will, without damaging them. This is a superb plant for low maintenance. Once planted, it needs little attention.

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