Large upright succulent rosette to 5 to 6 feet tall by 6 to 8 feet wide with upright green to gray-green leaves that have cream-colored margins. As with other Agave americana varieties this plant has yellow-green flowers that attract hummingbirds but plants do not bloom until they are several decades. 

Plant in full sun. Irrigate occasionally to not at all. Cold hardy to 15 degrees F or less. This large plant can be dramatic in the landscape - give it plenty of room and situate it away from traffic. Great on a hillside. This particular selection was made from one plant growing on the nursery property and is particularly elegant with a more open habit and leaves that arch outwards slightly towards the tips. 

This is a plant that is relatively easy to care for. Due to its habitat it is capable of handling warm, dry areas and due to the fact that it only needs moderate watering during the summer and nearly no watering in the winter, maintenance is simple.

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