Croton Mix

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Crotons are the most popular of South Florida's colorful foliage plants, with brilliantly-colored leaves shot with gold, red, orange, green and even pink. This easy-care shrub features color and low-maintenance for any size yard. They feature many leaf types and sizes - swirly, narrow ribbons to wide, flat leaves. Different varieties can be planted together for a riot of color and a mix of textures, or place several of the same variety to grow together in a "drift."

A benefit of mixing crotons with flowering shrubs is the consistency of color in the landscape, even while other plants are not in bloom.  
These are slow growers, and most can easily be kept 3 feet (or less for smaller varieties).  You can plant in almost any light - full sun to partial shade. Trimming is only needed occasionally to keep the plant's size in check. As with all foliage shrubs, always trim stems - don't cut across leaves.