Dessert Rose

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The star of the succulent garden is desert rose, a beauty of a plant which thrives in hot, dry sunny conditions. As its name implies, this is a drought tolerant plant. You must have a well-drained spot for it - if not, planting in a container is your best bet. In fact, this is one of the few plants on this site that sometimes does better in a pot - where you can control the drainage - than in the ground. Perfectly happy to live in a large pot for years, the plant is easy to maintain and will flower nicely. Blooms appear during warm months - and on and off all year if winter is mild.

Flower colors range from red to pink to white. For more flowers, cut off the tips of the branches once during warm months of the year. This encourages new growth and then flowers.  The plant generally loses its leaves in winter. Even in summer, though, the plant is more stems and blooms than foliage.  Slow growing desert rose can grow as much as 4 feet tall...but that takes quite a while. And a light spring pruning for fullness, shape and more flowers will keep the overall size much smaller.

Rather than tucking one into a full, lush garden bed, this plant should be allowed to shine on its own. Try to find a spot where it can work as a small specimen the entry walkway, for instance, or in the small planting area beside the garage. No matter where you live, place it in a sheltered spot out of the way of strong winds. If stems become damaged by cold, cut them off so that their rotting process doesn't spread back into the rest of the plant.