Farfugium Gigantea

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Farfugium japonicum, synonymous with and formerly known as Ligularia tussilagineaand Ligularia kaempferi, is a clump-forming perennial that is grown in gardens as much for its attractive foliage as for its autumn flowers. It is native to moist meadows and stream banks in Japan and eastern Asia. Its best ornamental feature may be the foliage which consists of huge, long-stalked, glossy, leathery, kidney-shaped, dark green leaves (12” or more across) that form a basal clump to 2’ tall.

Leaves are evergreen in warm winter climates, but will die to the ground when temperatures fall to 20 degrees F. Daisy-like, yellow flowers (1-2” across) bloom in loose corymbs atop thick, mostly leafless stalks that rise above the foliage to 30” in late summer to fall.