Sometimes called flame of the woods, ixora is a member of the Rubiacea family which includes coffee, gardenia, firecracker vine, and pentas. While using scientific names to identify plants can be helpful in avoiding confusion between common names, figuring out how to pronounce a word written in Latin can be tricky. So if you find yourself struggling remember, ixora is pronounced “icks-SORE-ah.”

These plants are dependable bloomers, love the sun, and fit nicely into any size landscape. Often planted in groups or rows for maximum color, ixoras work well with informal gardens, tropical beds, or more formal and manicured landscape designs. These plants bloom heavily during warm months, and then off and on through cooler weather. These evergreen plants need full to partial sun to produce the most flowers. This shrub is a moderate grower and can be kept about 2-1/2 to 3 feet tall.
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