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You can't ask for a better shrub to combine great looks with low maintenance in a South Florida landscape. This is one tough cookie of a plant - cold hardy, salt-tolerant and not a fast grower you'll be trimming all the time.  It has a distinctly formal look when kept well-trimmed, but this plant can easily be left to grow in its naturally mounded shape with only occasional light pruning.

These shrubs seem to look best (and are most often used) in group plantings - usually as hedge bushes. More is better for visual impact. However you can always grow a single plant as an accent or even as a specimen plant or small tree (it can get 15 feet). 

If left untrimmed, the plant will produce little white spring flowers with a sweet scent similar to orange blossoms. Most people don't realize this shrub even flowers because it's usually kept regularly trimmed, and the flowers themselves are small. This plant grows too large eventually to work as a foundation shrub, especially under low windows.